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Important Dates
  • Deadline for
    Abstract Submission & Modification (Extended)
  • Notification of Acceptance
    February 15, 2023
  • Late-Breaking Abstract Submission
    February 13 ~ 27, 2023
  • Notification of Acceptance for
    Late-Breaking Abstract
    March 17, 2023
LUPUS & KCR 2023 Organizing Committee cordially welcome abstracts. All abstracts must be submitted via the online submission system.
Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract.
Online Submission
Rules for Submission
All abstracts must be submitted via the Online Submission System ONLY.
The abstract submitter should choose one congress to submit your abstract, either LUPUS 2023 or KCR 2023, in accordance with the topic category.
* Submitted abstracts for LUPUS 2023 will be published in the Lupus Science & Medicine by BMJ. If the abstract submitter does not agree with “BMJ’s standard licence”, the abstract cannot be accepted for submission.
* Submitted abstract for KCR 2023 will be published online as a supplement to the Journal of Rheumatic Diseases.
Abstract submission does not constitute registration in the congress. All abstract presenters must register in LUPUS & KCR 2023.
Authors may edit and modify submitted abstracts until the submission deadline. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure the accuracy of the abstract. There will be no additional editing after the deadline.
A confirmation letter of the receipt of abstract will be automatically sent to the submitter and the corresponding author by e-mail upon the completion of the on-line submission.
Abstracts accepted for oral presentation or poster presentation are embargoed from the time of submission until conclusion of the presentation at the LUPUS & KCR 2023. The LUPUS & KCR 2023 Organizing committee reserves the right to adjust the embargo as needed.
If there is the relevant financial activities outside the submitted work, the corresponding author must complete a disclosure form for potential conflict of interest. A conflict of interest may exist when an author (or author's institution or employer) has financial or personal relationships or affiliations that could influence (or bias) the author's decisions, work, or abstract. The ICMJE Uniform Disclosure Form for Potential Conflict of Interest ( will be used.
ICMJE Disclosure Form
Guidelines for Submission
Language English Only
Presentation Type 1) Original Article (Oral or Poster)
2) Case Report (Poster Only)
Title Only the first letter of the title starts with a capital letter, except the proper nouns.
Format Original Article – Oral or Poster
Background – Methods – Results - Conclusion
Case Report – Poster only
Case Description - Conclusion
Length Title : Up to 30 words
Body : Up to 300 words
Figure & Table Only 1 figure & 1 table is allowed.
* No more than 1 picture, table, graph, or figure should be included in a file.
Keywords Up to three keywords
Funding Source (Optional) If you have any funding source to disclose, please state it in ‘Funding Source’ section.
Modification Available until the deadline of the abstract submission at My Page
Topic Categories
LUPUS 2023 KCR 2023
Adaptive immunity  Basic science and immunology related to rheumatic diseases
Animal models  RA-clinical aspects
Antiphospholipid syndrome  RA-treatment
Biomarkers  Osteoarthritis
Comorbidities  Systemic sclerosis and Raynaud's phenomenon
Cytokines and cell trafficking  Idiopathic inflammatory myopathy
Epidemiology and public health  Sjögren's syndrome
Genetics, epigenetics, transcriptomics  Spondyloarthropathies and psoriatic arthritis
Guidelines and recommendations  Behcet's disease & Vasculitis
10  Innate immunity  10  Osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases
11  Lupus nephritis-clinical  11  Fibromyalgia and soft tissue disorders
12  Lupus nephritis-pathogenesis  12  Crystal induced arthropathies
13  Miscellaneous  13  Pediatric rheumatology
14  Precision medicine  14  Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
15  Pregnancy and reproductive health  15  Epidemiology & Public health
16  SLE-diagnosis, manifestations, & outcomes  16  Innovative medical research (Precision medicine, regenerative medicine, biotechnology, telemedicine, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.)
17  SLE-treatment  17  Miscellaneous rheumatic and inflammatory diseases
Abstract Review & Notification of Result
All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the LUPUS & KCR scientific committee according to the review process.
Notification of acceptance will be informed by e-mail to the first author and the corresponding author.
Abstract presenters should inform their attendance confirmation upon the acceptance of abstract.
* If the presenter does do not attend the congress or present the abstract without any notification to the Secretariat of LUPUS & KCR 2023 in advance, there will be disadvantages in participating in the future meetings.
The topic category or submitted congress can be changed after the review of LUPUS & KCR scientific committee.
Case reports will be presented by poster only.
Withdrawal Policy
If you would like to withdraw an abstract, please fill out the “Withdrawal Request Form” and send it by e-mail to the LUPUS & KCR 2023 Secretariat.
If the presenter of the accepted abstract does not register by the deadline for Pre-Registration, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn from the final program.
Withdrawal Request Form