Invited Faculty
  • Andrea Doria
    Univ. of Padua
  • Prof. Doria has authored over 450 ISI publications on SLE and other connective tissue diseases. These include clinical studies describing new manifestations or subgroups of autoimmune disorders, prognostic risk factors, diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions, as well as immunochemical studies that evaluate autoantibodies, epitopes and complementary epitopes of autoantigens.

    Professor Doria has long-standing experience of the clinical management of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and other connective tissue diseases. The Unit which he is leading is a tertiary referral rheumatology center, within Italy, for the diagnosis and management of patients affected with systemic connective diseases. In addition, he has expertise in the management and follow-up of pregnant patients with systemic rheumatic diseases.
  • Date Time Room Session Title Lecture Title
    May 18 12:00-12:40 Room Grand Ballroom 101+102 [Luncheon Symposium 1 - GSK] Changing the Course of the Disease in SLE: When is the Window of Opportunity? Taking advantage of the window of opportunity: Using targeted therapy in SLE
    May 19 10:30-11:00 Room Auditorium [Plenary Session 3] Novel Treatments and Strategies Overview of new SLE treatments and defining the targets